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Just like anything in life, the more in-depth planning one does the better the outcome. Prior to constructing a project, Letrac Development plans every step of each project to ensure the scope of work is clearly defined.



Once a scope of work has been clearly defined Letrac Development will obtain pricing for your project. We specialize in value engineering to assist you in meeting your budget needs while not jeopardizing quality. 



After the proposal has been accepted it is now time to move onto building your project. The construction team will obtain permits, supplies and begin building


Ray & Merrick Gallegos

Becky Sanders

Jill & Tom Bass

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We used Letrac to build our first single family home, and the experience could not have been more seamless and enjoyable. Construction was completed on time and on budget. Anytime an idea came up that we thought could improve our home Letrac engaged our ideas earnestly, provided timely change order quotes, and ultimately handed keys over to a house we felt we had a big part in building. Don't build a home without Letrac as your contractor. 

I’ve worked with many builders in the Sheridan & surrounding areas, and  Letrac Development is definitely one of the best. If you’re looking for a Quality Contractor with quality craftsmanship - visit with Letrac! Their team is dependable, responsive, and dedicated to getting the project completed timely and on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend Letrac Development to clients, family and friends…so refreshing to have a business that focuses on people first.

We were able to get our project done within the budget we had and get the home we desired for our family.

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